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Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
's tied up in sequestration, and the way the -- as i understand it anyway -- the way the law requires the cuts to be taken, it really is, it really is an axe right at the middle which will be very difficult to do in any kind of smooth way. so i'm confident that, you know, with a little longer-term view the pentagon can be fine. and one of the things that the group agrees on is that both with that time and where we are in terms of our overall requirements in a changing world, the advancement of technology, the quality of the people we have -- and they're the best i've seen in over 43 years of having the privilege to wear the uniform -- that we will be fine from a defense standpoint. but i also would pick up on what senator nunn said, quoting bill perry. and i've seen this in countries and in regions globally where the failure to be able to invest in preventive defense, engagement, having a relationship, helping other militaries train in their own countries, the not being able to do that just increases the likelihood of some kind of conflict breaking out which may or may not involve us.
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
. we have treated six subjects. economic restructuring and social policy, rule of law, transitional justice, security sector reform, a lack of assistance and constitution design. in each of those areas we provided recommendations to the transitional government. we have not laid out a template nor blueprint for the future. they are merely recommendations they hope the transitional government of syria will adopt. in addition to the work we've are begun, we are entering phase two, where we update the document. we incorporate feedback from syrians, particularly those inside the country and we issue a new person of the documents. vincent s-sierra overcapacity, let alone for several months have escalated to the point that now we have entirely new dynamics. within a day after, we do not address foreign policy issues. we do not address issues of foreign armed agents on the ground. we do with the security or reform. we call for dismantling of the opera system in syria, but we do call for a gradual debaathification as opposed to an immediate one within the government. >> what other members ad
Dec 3, 2012 8:30pm EST
and there is no contest there. under the stimulus law compiled the first database of spending information that span all of the agencies as a result of the data searches that data makes possible, nearly $60 million of grants and contracts funds either recovered or never paid out in the first place. there is nobody else is able to point to results like that. again, i have a different answer for the other four, but i am not trying to take up too much time with this answer. suffice to say that the recovery board is going to be eliminated at the end of september 2013 unless we are able to pass legislation to extend it and build on innovations, and that is exactly what we're trying to do, and we hope that as a result of events like this one we can get that done. >> my nomination would be epa. it may not be the most inventive, but think the fact that they took the regulations platform and turned it into a portal is pro one of the more exciting things to come along. what this means is that for those agencies that are participating to my request is consummate the requests. one central online source will be ferr
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
college with 150,000 in student loans between, you know, law school and undergrad. no other way to pay for it. it was a combination of pell grants, stafford loans, and student loans which i paid off with the proceeds of my book, which is a perfect holiday gift available on [laughter] anyway, i -- i never would have been able to go to school without that. it's simple. there was not pell grants or student loan programs, i would not be a college graduate. >> in the speech, you talkinged about how -- you talked about how fortunate to be where we are, and but for an accident, in your dad's shoes, pointed out you would be a very opinionated bar tender. >> right. you think about my parents, came to the country, relatively unskilled, uneducated. my dad went to the fourth grade or something like that, and my mom, not much more. they grew up in under privileged circumstances, move to the united states, and in the 20th century, found jobs, owned a house, bought a car, took vacations. always had more than we needed. that an atritt to the miracle of the middle class. i understand being
Dec 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
that somehow we have something missing in the brain we are lesser than, you know, -- to follow the laws. what are you telling black people? that somehow they are not good enough. they lesser than. that's what bothers me about a lot of rhetoric coming from democrat and the left. that we always have too make special -- there has to be a specialness when we deal with minorities because they are too feebleminded. we need to make conventions for them. they can't follow the rules like everybody else. when you treat people like victims, i don't think they want to aspire. >> more with the editor and publish of "conservative black" >>> we had the exflogs of knowledge in medicine, we have not coordinate the care. and they end up having so many cracks the cracks as are as harmful as the diseases w treating. you have to step back and ask, you know, are we hurting people overall? , i mean, on a global level? what are we doing sometimes. and of course now we have the institute of medicine report saying 30% of everything we do may not be necessary in health care many? when we step back 30% of all
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5